Dr. Jorge E. Tierno

Dr. Jorge Tierno has over 15 years of experience in researching, developing, and transitioning advanced technology and systems to support DoD needs. Under META, Dr. Tierno developed an integrated design flow, robustness and adaptability metrics and verification processes to accelerate the development of military vehicles. Under Deep Green, Dr. Tierno led the development of technology  simultaneously simulate and assess multiple courses of action, in order to provide commanders in the field with look-ahead situation awareness of the course of battle. As PI for Predictive Analysis for Naval Deployment Activities (PANDA), Dr. Tierno developed algorithms to classify anomalous behavior in commercial shipping using contextual information and knowledge elicitation form subject matter experts. Under MICA (Mixed Initiative Control of Automateams), Dr. Tierno developed robust, mixed initiative real time planning and control algorithms for teams of cooperating, autonomous agents.

Ms. Jennifer McClain
Founder, Chairman of the Board

Ms. Jennifer McClain co-founded Barnstorm Research with Dr Tierno. As chairman of the board, she guides business strategy and leads the commercialization program. Ms. McClain has a BA in Biology from the University of Minnesota and a Masters In Library Science and Information Technology from Simmons College.

Ms. Kerry Kinsella
Business Operations Manager

Ms. Kerry Kinsella has been supporting Business Operation efforts for over 15 years, with more than 9 years in the Defense Industry. Her background includes experience in Human Resources, Process Improvement and Project Management. She has supported all levels of project management from Research efforts to Capability Maturity Model Integration and has supported several projects through a successful SCAMPI review. Kerry is an excellent resource to our overall process and operational success.

Dr. John Coleman
Chief Scientist

Dr. John Coleman is a proactive, innovative, and cross-functional leader, highly successful and experienced in application development, medical devices, medical visualization, image and volume processing, image-guided surgery, biological and computer vision, pattern recognition, artificial neural networks, collaborative telemedicine environments, lexical analysis, human motor behavior and robotic control, psychophysiology, and image database retrieval. Having won Discover Magazine and Advanced Imaging Magazine Awards, he has a proven ability to select, train, and motivate global teams to achieve ambitious goals. A strategic planner skilled at both short- and long-range goal setting with a big-picture orientation, he is adept at implementing cutting-edge solutions to address mission requirements. He has an excellent ability to communicate technical and scientific areas to various levels of stakeholders and team members and is experienced in all aspects of startup development.

Ms. Wendy Mungovan
Chief Software Engineer

Ms. Wendy Mungovan is an innovative software engineer with 14 years of experience in the full software development lifecycle. Ms. Mungovan has led development teams in a variety of domains including: Planning, Machine Learning, Level 2-3 Fusion, Computer Vision, User Interfaces and Web Services. She has expertise in multiple development languages and environments including Java, Javascript/JQuery, C++, Python, Spring Framework and SQL. She has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Dr. David Sudit
Principal Member of the Research Team

Dr. David Sudit is a Principal Research Engineer with 5 years of experience in designing, integrating and testing algorithm-based components in larger systems for the Department of Defense. Dr. Sudit has led teams of Research and Software engineers through the entire development process into integration for successful flight tests. The majority of Dr. Sudit’s work has focused on mission planning, data analysis tools and fusion domains. He earned a B.S. from Northwestern University in Computer Engineering, as well as a Duel Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research.

Ms. Hayley Painter
Senior Member of Research Team

Ms. Hayley Painter has a BS in Computer Science from the University of Notre Dame. She has undergraduate research experience in healthcare analytics and five years of experience as a software developer in the healthcare IT and defense industries.

Mr. Vance Turnewitsch
Senior Member of Research Team

Mr. Vance Turnewitsch has a BS in Physics from Marietta College and a MS in Applied Mathematics from Wright State University. He has undergraduate research experience in computational physics as well as a diverse background of academic and industrial software development.

Mr. Michael Wransky
Senior Member of Research Team

Mr. Michael Wransky has a BS and MS in Applied Mathematics from University of Akron. He has a combination of Artificial Intelligence research and contributions and full stack web development experience.

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