This week, Barnstorm submitted our first grant request to the National Institutes of Health. Under the leadership of  Dr. John Coleman, our  Chief Scientist we proposed to develop low-cost, multi-spectral imaging tools for teledentistry. This proposal builds on John’s vast experience in developing portable medical diagnostic tools based on a combination of off-the-shelf hardware, state-of-the-art imaging algorithms, and user-centered interface design.

The Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council of the National Academies, included teledentistry among its recommendations in a recent study on Improving Access to Oral Health Care for Vulnerable and Underserved Populations. We agree. We can readily  use of our smartphones  to pair ride-seekers, with independent contractors; or to populate our cities with mythical creatures and imaginary combat arenas. We should be able to use them to provide many forms of healthcare. It’s not a matter of technology alone; it’s about realizing that we must put the vast technical talent our nation has to offer to the service of those among us that that most need basic care and have the least access to them.

Submitting this first grant was a great learning experience. We had to quickly get up to speed with new eCommerce tools such as eRA Commons, and We were impressed by the efficiency of the process. Submitting a request involves automatically verifying its completeness, checking the submitters authority to submit, electronically sign the submission  and then shepherding it through handoffs between multiple agencies. That it can be done at the push a browser button is a testament to the technical prowess and passion for service of the  federal agencies involved.

At Barnstorm Research we share their dedication to serve our nation. If we are given the opportunity under this grant, we will do our best to prove it.

Of Virtual Things (with a shoutout to the federal e-business suite)

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