whatdoyoudowithanideaIf you really want to know, I would like to recommend this book: What do you do with an idea?. It’s a children’s book, so read it to your children. And to the child in you. But before you do, let me tell you a story.

My grandfather was a doctor, of the old school. He had a special tag in the licenses plates of his car that let him park anywhere, because back then doctors did house visits. And because he had been a professor and investigator he had all sorts of fascinating old instruments in his house that had gone unused in his retirement but which made excellent playthings for his grandkids.  And a big old typewriter that he had used to prepare all of his technical papers.

When I was starting my own career as a researcher, I was guided by one story about his first published paper, which appeared in a student journal. The most important lesson he learned from that paper, we would later say, was that it helped him realize that he too  could have ideas, and that his ideas mattered. I started Barnstorm Research, because I believe that ideas matter. That your ideas matter. And I’m convinced that although our country faces many newly emergent threats, the means to overcome them are already  forming  in a young researcher’s mind.

Research is a team sport, and we have been very fortunate to have been recently joined  in our barnstorming by Dr. John Coleman, Dr. David Sudit and Michael Wransky. Their technical backgrounds and experiences are as unique and diverse as our great nation (you can see for yourself in our team pages.) And yet, they all share the same  passion for  pursuing their ideas and for seeing them come to life.


So  how about you? Do you have an idea? Come work with us; make your idea change the world.

What do you do with an idea?

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